Price Policy

During existence of the survey services’ market, the prices for these services can be considered to be steady. Certainly, there are very “expensive” companies and dumping survey companies. Services quality of the dumping companies corresponds to their prices. Services quality of the “expensive” companies doesn’t differ from common.

SAPSCO adheres to a flexible price policy for its services.  The certain average base rate is taken for a basis. Depending on volume of cargo to be inspected  the rate can be  decreased considerably.

In some cases having carried out analysis of forthcoming work the rate can be increased. Usually it results from additional requirements of the client which increase the cost of survey or bring additional charges.

But we adhere to the motto: ” More services and higher quality -For the same money “. A rule for us is individual work with each client  previous to prospective inspection. This is a chain: order – discussion – analysis of requirements – our offers – discussions of rate.